metro (development version) Unreleased

  • bus_schedule() now correctly merges both directions (thanks Prof. Moore!)
  • No longer calls unlist() on affected lines of length one.
  • Messages given instead of warnings when empty tibbles returned.

metro 0.9.1 2021-03-01

  • Covered most JSON endpoints as tidy data frames. Buses stops, train stations, next bus or trains, incidents, paths, routes, circuits. (#1)
  • httr::RETRY() in wmata_api() does not retry on 401, 404, etc. The purpose of this change is to primarily retry on 429 errors when too many requests have been made on a rate-limited subscription. Waiting should successfully retry.
  • Stops, Stations, Routes, and Lines saved as exported objects.
  • All functions accept api_key argument. (#5)
  • Calls are made using httr::RETRY() to deal with issues like rate limit. (#8)
  • Use the documentation and parameters in the official API documentation. (#7)
  • Convert all dates to POSIXct with UTC time zone.
  • Convert times to hms columns with values past midnight. (#6)
  • Removed parking_*() functions until a data frames can be made.
  • Removed rail_path() helper function. Keep only endpoint functions.
  • Removed ability to automatically scrape demo API key.
  • Removed package startup message about API key. (#2)
  • Invalid URLs are removed from function documentation.